- Why video?
We live in the video age; video is exploding in popularity and becoming the most essential marketing tool for all businesses, as well as very popular amongst individuals. It is simply the most succinct, effective way of communicating ("every picture tells a thousand words").

If a website has a VIDEO/PLAY button on it, it's most likely to be clicked first before looking at anything else. Video demonstrates your message and ideas clearly and visually; it can present a professional brand image in the way you want, with full control over what your audience will see, hear and experience. People absorb messages better visually than by through reading. It is a powerful way to change people's attitudes and to motivate them. More and more videos are watched on handheld devices - iPhones and iPads - and not just on TV. Video is the next step in website development. (First any website had text, then text and still images and now text, still images and video.)
- In what different ways can video be useful?
Video can be useful for many things and can take a variety of styles and formats. Here are a few basic but important things where video can help you:

- To promote and introduce your company to your clients & business partners.
- To demonstrate your services and products.
- To inform and entertain your customers.
- To educate, inform and engage an audience at all levels, anywhere in the world.
- To standardise your message, ensuring that everyone receives the same training.
- It can communicate a visual message at distance and save the time and expense involved in travelling
to do this.
- It can capture the atmosphere of an event, seminar, training course, conference or exhibition - including interviews with delegates, organisers & other key participants.
- An interesting story can always inspire and motivate your audience.

A video is ideal for marketing, promotion, training and education purposes; as well as creating a record of your hard work. Whatever idea you may have in mind, just get in touch and let's talk about what we can do to help.
- What are the main things I should think about before making a corporate video?
Making a corporate video may take a lot of time, planning and preparing. To get the most out of your finished video it is very important to know answers to these questions:
- Who will watch the video / WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE?
- Where will they watch it?
- What is your key message?
- For what length of time will the video be used/in circulation?
- What should the style of this video be?
- What is your budget?
- How much do your services cost?
Every project is different and each of our client's requirements is unique. There may be more than one way to calculate a price for a project. Generally, cost always depends on factors like: number of shooting days, crew size, equipment, location, use of voice over artist or a presenter, complexity of editing etc.

As general guidelines, a 'Low Budget' package for 2-5min completed video is around £500 - £1200.
A 'Medium Budget' package is £1500 - £2500 and a 'High Budget' package is when it's over £3000.
Day rate for Director/Cameraman including full HD shooting kit is from £350 per day.
- What are the conditions of payment?
After we have discussed what exactly your requirements are, and agreed on dates and costs, the most common way of payment is 50% of the total cost up front and then the remaining 50% on delivery of the finished video.
- What are the stages of video production process?
Stage 1: Pre-Production: 
This will include meeting and planning, where we should identify the goals and purposes of the production, what actually needs to be produced. This stage is likely to include: Treatment and script developing, decision on locations, talents, wardrobe, props, sets, style and media format. After that we will have a full Creative Proposal with production schedule for your approval. Then we move on to…

Stage 2: Production: 
This stage is the filming of what we have planned in Stage 1 and involves possibly rehearsal and then bringing all the elements together (lighting, sound recording, make-up, wardrobe, locations, props, studios) – to whatever degree they are required. And, of course, shooting!

Stage 3: Post-Production: 
This is the final stage of production where we edit all the material we've filmed for you, as well as any other video footage, archive material, photographs, graphics, voice over, titles and music you wanted us to include in your film. Once a master copy has been proofed by you and corrections have been made, it will be ready for uploading, duplication, screening, distribution, promotion, sales or whatever intended purpose you may have.
- What is your turnaround time?
This very much depends on the project itself. It can take as little as 12 hours, if it is something very simple that doesn't require much planning and editing and has to be ready for screening ASAP. Bigger projects obviously take more time. As a guideline, usual time is around 2-3 weeks.
- Can you just film something for me without editing it, as I would like to edit that material somewhere else?
Yes we can do that for you, whether it's just filming or editing, we can help you with any stage, or stages, of production independently or collectively. Or even as a step-by-step building process.